qa-story-2 Gerda Dekker was living in Vietnam In 1994, and it was here in Hanoi that she began Quilts and Art in order to offer training and meaningful work to the Deaf and victims of Polio. At this time these people lived under prejudice and were often not sent to school or taught skills. Quilts and Art was set up in order to offer young people in difficulty a unique opportunity to learn meaningful life skills and find employment within a safe working environment.

qa-story-3Ongoing training has also been given in other areas of life. Nurses, for example have been invited to talk on health issues such as HIV training. Perhaps one of the most promising outcomes of our project is that the deaf and disabled community now have normal interaction within the wider community. Their skills have been developed, their self-confidence awakened and they have a sense of ownership of the project.

Quilts and Art uses a holistic approach and lives have been changed. Our employees are given a fair wage and all profits are put straight back into the project.