We work with three production sectors.

Paper; Our cards, boxes, pictures, frames and journals are produced in our workshop in Hanoi by a small team of deaf and mute young men. Over the years these men have developed skills and self-assurance as they meticulously cut and produce our cards by hand and no two are identical!

Quits; Our quilters live in remote villages in the North of Vietnam, meaning that they can stay close to their families in order to care for their children rather than travel to seek work in other towns. Our quilts take months to produce. Each section is hand sewn by women who work together in small groups sharing the pride and the pleasure which comes from working together in order to produce such special and unique pieces.

Toys and Accessories; Out toys, accessories, house hold, kitchenware, bag and purse are produced in our Hanoi workshop by a team of highly skilled women. Our products are designed by volunteers with an eye for the changing market and produced, using locally sourced fabric, by a team of women who sit together working under the watchful eye of our resident cat! As with our cards, no two pieces are identical as we mix and match our fabric according to availability and colors.